Currently powering clothing and grocery solutions.
We currently offer our E-Commerce Solution to Clothing Businesses only.

Easy To use .

Our Apps are device specific, it's crafted for easy to use UI and UX.

Chill Tech Stack .

We use React PWA with SSR, GraphQL for custom API's, Nodejs, MongoDB etc

Unlimited Features .

We can integrate any feature we want. We make lives easier by automating tasks.

About Our Web App

We use latest technology to meet the scaling demands. Our apps are built ground up to ensure easy to use functionality of our apps.

Our apps meet GOOGLE specs, are built for SEO since we're using SSR and PWA on our apps. This ensures proper indexing & promoting the websites higher on the GOOGLE search results. Our apps come with one customer facing apps with the front end app and supporting API to handle live inventory and other operations facing public. Another one is the Operation facing which let's the Managers create and maintain categories, brands, product catalogue, inventory, orders, customers, promotions etc. Our fully customisable platform is all you need to shine online and leave a lasting impression on users to come visit you for more.

Chill Features

Our Apps are built with the customer in mind and how they use our platform to navigate through the catalogue.

Dedicated UI/UX

Our web apps are designed to provide different dedicated UI for big screens like desktop or small devices like mobile. Our apps feel like mobile app even when using it on a browser.

Categories, Products, Coupons, Orders etc.

There is no limit on how big the database grows. We only load chunks of data at a time and load the other chunks with user interaction. This ensures consistant performance.

Live Customer Baskets & Inventory Tracking

Managers can track, live inventory of the products. They can also view customer data with basket data to promote the user checkout using promotional means like custom coupons, free delivery etc.

SKU/Product Search

Our search enables the users and customer care execs to identify the products using SKUs. Customer can search through the name or the tags associated with each items.

Product Filters Users Love

Navigating through categories, filtering via colours or sizes, searching through all the inventory, sorting by price, they're all made simple and user friendly.

And Many More

Much more features exist in our current platform and many more can be added as per our convenience to better improve on managing the Human Resources.

Web App Screenshots

These are the screenshots of our app built for our first clothing e-commerce client BS Channabasappa & Sons.

Fully Customised

All the apps we build are customised & tailored for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you got any query? Here you go! Don't hesitate to ask any Question! We are happy to help with your questions.

What do we do?

We understand your goals of business. We customise our platform to meet your demands & launch a fully customised e-commerce platform for your customers to shop online.

How much time, we take to launch online?
We take somewhere between 7 - 10 days to setup the admin panel to generate data. Once it's done, we take 5 - 10 days to test & launch your business online. Customers can start ordering within a month of your decision to partner with us.
Can i use my own domain?
We use your domain to link our platform. All the data & images will be copyrighted to your business. We help you build online e-commerce presence which your customers love to shop.
How is the service for recurring updates?
We will have dedicated teams to monitor the traffic to your site. Any changes you need in regards with data updates, issues with orders etc will be handled by our team. We take control of your IT infrastructure, so all you have to do is inform us about the changes needed & we'll take care of the rest for you.